It’s Paul and Courtney’s wedding day!

Will they say I do?

Paul arrives at the courthouse, ready to marry Courtney, only to become overcome with doubts. Courtney suggests that having his family at the ceremony will help things. Paul invites Amy and Leo, but Leo refuses to come and tells Amy that their dad is only marrying Courtney to get back at Terese. Can Amy convince Paul that his upcoming wedding is mistake?

Meanwhile, Tyler is a mess and decides to open up to Piper about what exactly happened on the night that Hamish died. He tells Piper that he hit Hamish, but doesn’t tell her that Mark has been covering his tracks. Will Piper still support Tyler? Meanwhile, Mark makes a confession to Paige and instantly regrets it.

Also, Karl has bad news for Shane and Dipi as there has been no change to Kirsha’s hearing. He has another suggestion to treat her hearing problems – but will Kirsha be happy?