Elle tries to reassure Paul as he struggles to make sense of his Lassiter’s fire flashback. Looking to escape the stress for a while, Paul takes Rebecca and Declan for a weekend in the country where he ends up telling Rebecca he loves her and the two share a kiss.

Meanwhile, Toadie and Rosie struggle to build a civil case against evil Richard, by contacting all of his former female colleagues on the off-chance he may have intimidated other women. They finally track down Karen, an old girlfriend of Richard’s who admits he was obsessive and abusive. Elsewhere, stalker Richard has followed Rebecca into the bush, vowing not to let Paul take what is rightfully is. Terrified, Rebecca threatens Richard with a large branch, prepared to take the law into her own hands.

Carmella admits to Pepper that house hunting with Oliver is giving her false hope that they can salvage their relationship. Things get worse when Oliver presents her with a present from Elle – a book of baby names. Realising he isn’t over Elle, Carmella says she will buy a place herself.

Also, Adam gets into the force and Elle; and Oliver inform Tim Collins they want him out when his lease is up.