Paul denies his feelings for Grayson

Grayson apologises to Paul for kissing him and brushes it off as a mistake but Paul is seems hurt and Gray realises that Paul has feelings for him. Paul and Gray bicker and Paul stomps off and agrees a wedding date with Jonny in retaliation. Gray feels a pang of jealousy.

Jack expects Diane back in the village for their wedding anniversary and Daz ropes Victoria into preparing a romantic dinner for them. Jack is upset when he gets a text from Diane, who has decided to stay with Bernice a little longer. Victoria is angry with Diane for hurting her dad and she insults her but Jack is at the end of his tether and he blames Victoria for breaking up his marriage. Victoria is devastated and Jack regrets his outburst.

Carrie is upset when Scarlett refuses to forgive her for driving Lexi out of the village and Carrie fears she’s blown it with both her daughters. Carrie pours out her woes to Jimmy, who gives her a comforting hug. Kelly walks in on them and is jealous.

Also, Sam panics that Zak is having a heart attack when Zak pulls a muscle training.