Paul denies Perdy’s accusation

Matthew plays on Perdy’s insecurities and suggests that she confront her husband about her suspicions that he’s cheating on her. A mixed-up Perdy accuses Paul of sleeping with Gray and he’s stunned by her suggestion and denies that there’s anything going on between the pair.

Perdy and Gray later have a set-to and a bitter Perdy slaps Grayson when he brings up Perdy’s inability to provide him with a baby.

Hari’s recent behaviour is worrying both Louise and Paddy and an angry Paddy gives him a verbal warning about his conduct at the vet’s surgery. Paddy insists that Hari makes amends to Edna and reduce her vet’s bill as an apology.

Jasmine begins tutoring Belle and is astonished to find her doing her study notes on Zak’s old betting slips! Jasmine realises that the easiest way to teach Belle maths is by using horse racing bets as an example and Jasmine is pleasantly surprised when Belle proves to be a quick learner.

Also, Jimmy agrees to stump up the cash to get Kelly replacement breast implants.