Paul digs for dirt on Andrew

Following a dream about Zeke, Karl believes he is alive and tries to discover the truth about his disappearance. When Zeke’s badly damaged helmet is found down river the emergency services tell him it’s unlikely Zeke has survived. Paul digs for dirt on Andrew’s past and prints a shocking story on the front page of the Erinsborough News, blaming him for Zeke’s disappearance just when news has got out that Zeke may be dead. Rebecca is furious.

Kelly comes up with a plan to make Callum less self conscious about wearing his eye patch and dresses him as a pirate and the street have an impromptu party. As the street cheers up, the Human Services inspector returns for his interview just as Toadie is abusing Callum in a mock pirate battle.

Steph tells Greg she knows he’s married. Later, at the hospital, Steph bumps into Greg’s wife Dr Veronica Olenski and out of guilt admits her affair with her husband, receiving a slap across the face for her trouble!

Sam visits Libby in hospital to mend the rift between them. However she tells Libby that Dan wants to obtain sole custody of their unborn child and that Dan’s love for this child will over-shadow any other love in his life!

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