Sheila arrives back in Erinsborough and realises she has a long way to go before she’s forgiven. Meanwhile, Jimmy realises that he’s causing tension between Kyle and Sheila and admits that he was using Sheila’s secret to blackmail her. When Kyle reveals this to Amy, she is at first determined to hang on to the idea that she has an honest relationship with her son. But soon begins to doubt her parental choices.

When the Cannings and the Robinsons finally come together to celebrate Amy and Sheila’s reconciliation, Jimmy drops a bombshell on Paul, Sheila fancies him!

Lauren and Brad do their best to appear normal after their embrace, but Amber confronts her mum, who admits her attraction to Brad. Meanwhile, Brad tells Karl that he almost crossed the line with Lauren, and Karl warns him to be careful. However, when Brad and Lauren lock eyes across the street, it’s clear the chemistry is still very much alive.