Having spent their first night living together in the Scullys’ old house, Jade and Kyle are desperately looking for a third housemate, to help share the bills. When Michael overhears, he starts reminiscing about his days of sharing a house with his mates. Jade and Kyle find Michael quite irritating but when he tells Kyle how they made it work with very little money, Kyle thinks he and Jade can manage without a third person, they just have to go without. However, when this proves too difficult they have no choice but to agree to let Mark move in.

When Paul offers an olive branch to Kate, inviting her and Sophie out to lunch, she tells him she’s not interested. Callum overhears and asks Sophie when they’re going to give Paul a second chance. Desperate for a new iPod, Sophie cashes in on Paul wanting to rebuild his relationship with them, and pays him a visit. Pleased that Sophie wants to spend time with him, Paul takes her shopping.

Later, Kate finds a receipt in the bin for a new iPod as paid for by Paul. She tells her to take it back, and Sophie makes it clear that she was only using Paul to get the iPod. When Paul finds out he was used, he is disappointed and takes the iPod back.

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