Paul doesn’t recognise Elle

Elle’s hopes for a reunion with Paul are crushed when he fails to recognise who she is. On doctor’s advice, Elle tries to jog Paul’s memory with photos of his past. A bewildered Paul recognises Gail’s picture and is distressed to learn of his divorce, leaving Elle wondering how much she should tell her dad about his damaged past.

Oliver only just manages to stop himself from comforting Elle, but is frustrated when he comes across Ringo and Carmella frolicking together in the pool. He ends up arguing with Carmella over her broken promise to support Elle. They both end up apologising, but how long can their relationship survive?

Janae and Ned get closer as Ned helps her service cars at the garage, with Janae quietly impressed with his handiwork. Later, protective Ned notices that Janae has a neck injury and takes her to hospital. Janae is told to stop her boxing training, but lies to Ned about her diagnosis and pretends everything is fine.

Over lunch, Rosie attempts to allay her mum’s misgivings about Frazer. But when a stunned Lucia discovers Frazer is wheelchair-bound, she fears for her daughter’s future, and warns Rosie against marrying a dependent man, insisting she will be making the biggest mistake of her life.