Feeling he doesn’t deserve Rebecca and convinced she doesn’t need another violent man in her life, Paul drives her away, despite Elle, Declan and Oliver’s pleas. Elsewhere, after resolving to move on with her life, Rebecca gets a job at Rebecchi Cammeniti as a receptionist, with Toadie particularly impressed at her organisational skills.

Carmella admits that Frazer’s plans for his compensation money are none of her business and she and Frazer make up, with Carmella impressed at Frazer’s enthusiasm to start a family. However, their happy family moment ends abruptly with the news that Carmella and Rosie’s aunt in Rome has passed away.
Carmella makes plans to head overseas and take over the management of her aunt’s estate from Rosie.

Steph encourages Carmella to compromise with Oliver over the plans for the baby’s future home, and Carmella agrees to accept Oliver’s generous offer to fix up her dingey new flat while she’s away.

Pepper is struggling with the fact that Adam’s new police partner is her childhood nemesis and her insecurity leads her to have a row with Adam when he arrives home from work in a foul mood.