Paul faces off with Victor Cleary

Paul is face to face with Victor – the man who killed Kate, as Matt and Brennan race off to find him. Paul tries to tempt Victor with money, but he’s not interested, revealing all he wanted was to make Paul suffer. Devastated, Paul pulls out a weapon as Matt and Brennan burst in, stopping Paul from going past the point of no return. At the station, Victor reminds Paul that Kate’s death was all his doing.

With Susan sick, Libby agrees to cover as Principal and clicks into the role brilliantly. Her success and high mood inspires Karl, who suggests to Susan that her being ill may not be a bad thing – it’s enabled Libby to find her mojo and hopefully… she’ll also fall back in love with Erinsborough. Susan, however, isn’t sure if Karl is setting himself up for disappointment.

Chris reluctantly reveals Kyle’s money woes and suggests Georgia cuts him some slack. Believing she’s helping, Georgia offers to pay Kyle for work at Sonya and Toadie’s house. Kyle is deeply insulted and feels worse than ever. In trying to make things better – Georgia’s only made them worse…