Paul comes face to face with an old enemy

Will Paul put Terese before an old vendetta?

Paul comes face to face with Nick and is furious to see him back in Erinsborough after his successful parole appeal. As the pair argue, Terese faints and Gary and Nick rush her to the hospital. Has her health taken a major turn for the worst? Later, Paul confides in Leo that he’s in love with Terese and doesn’t want Nick to hurt her again. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Nick suggests a new form of treatment to treat Terese. Can Terese and Gary trust him? Finally, Gary finds out that Paul knew about Terese having breast cancer before him. Can Gary forgive her?

Meanwhile, Steph’s annoyed when she finds out that Mark prevented Jack from spending time with Gabe. Instead, Mark offered to babysit and she believes its because of her mental state. Steph confronts Mark and he admits he wants her to seek medical help as quickly as possible in regards to her hallucinations. Mark advises Steph to tell Jack about her mental health issues. Steph takes Mark’s advice and comes clean about her mental health problems – but how will Jack react?

Also, Elly’s caught off-guard when she visits Paige, but sees Mark babysitting. Paige puts Elly at ease by suggesting she joins them for the afternoon. Will Elly accept Paige’s offer and will Mark be able to keep up the pretence of not having feelings for Paige?