Paul feels his profile needs a boost

Paul realises that after his recent bad publicity, his profile needs a boost and turns to PR manager Zoe to help him out. Initially reluctant, she eventually agrees to take him on and Paul is surprised when straight-talking Zoe turns out to be a lot more impressive than he had thought her to be.

Sophie starts to suspect that Sophie and Callum’s relationship isn’t real and tests her theory with a game of truth or dare. She dares them to kiss and Rani runs a mile, forcing them to reveal that their charade was their revenge for her manipulating them. The three friends call a truce, but Callum realises he has genuine feelings for Rani and reveals to Toadie that he plans to court her.

Seeing that Chris is devastated at being dumped by Aidan, Andrew tries to talk Aidan round, but with no success. When his attempt to cheer up Chris with a night out fails, too, Andrew finally succeeds in distracting Chris with a boys’ night in.