Paul flees Ramsay Street

Paul disappears, testing the faith of those who believe he’s innocent. Rebecca fears that she has been betrayed again, but when Paul secretly contacts her, Rebecca goes against the law in order to cover for him. Toadie comes down hard on Rebecca saying Paul will go to jail for skipping bail and Rebecca could go down with him.

Paul’s disappearance is the final straw for Elle, who takes steps to cut her father out of her life. Rebecca’s commitment to Paul pits her against Elle, who is determined to bring her father to justice.

Bridget, heavily pregnant, leans on Declan as her parents’ relationship looks like it is over, and as usual he shows he is committed to his young family. Declan is under enormous pressure to keep all the balls in the air as both his father figures, Steve and Paul, have cut and run. Realising that he is on his own, Declan decides to take his family away from the stress and find their own home.

Karl is mad as hell with the rogue doggy-do he steps in on his front lawn and he’s not going to take it anymore and vows to find the dog responsible.

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