Paul gets a shock

Paul, Elle and Kirsten are relieved when they think they have the blackmailer pinned down as the disgruntled Lassiter’s employee Yasmine Murphy. Paul buys her silence with a work promotion, but is stunned to receive an anonymous text message pointing to a second, unrelated blackmailer.

Steve finds out more painful details of Jim’s dramatic confession, learning that Jim didn’t save his real dad, Gary, when he was hit by gunfire in Vietnam. When Steve’s mum confirms the story, Miranda urges Steve to be compassionate, but Steve pushes Jim further away.

Meanwhile, Jim turns back to the bottle to cope with his guilt. Steve is forced to reassess their relationship and realises he must take the first step towards healing old wounds. He and Jim make amends, allowing his dad to return home.

As Steph challenges her to have more fun after her night out with Ty, Libby is forced to acknowledge that her unresolved feelings for Dan are holding her back. She agrees to continue to go out with Ty just as friends.

Also, Steph admits she is worried about Toadie’s imminent return.

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