Sienna arrives at Brennan’s house. She’s here to tell the Police the truth – her alibi was fake, but she’s innocent. Her story convinces Mark to accompany her to the Police station. Meanwhile, a guilty Paul thinks he goaded Sienna into killing Kate, until Daniel convinces him to let his feelings out in a productive way. Paul decides to leak Sienna’s story to the West Waratah Star. With her reputation in ruins, Sienna has no choice but to turn to Brennan.

It’s Imogen’s birthday, but her new dress is ruined when Daniel runs into her on his skateboard. Feeling bad, Daniel buys a vintage dress as a replacement, but it’s so big that it angers Imogen even more. During a driving lesson with Chris, a still frustrated Imogen almost runs over Daniel.

Sonya discovers Mandy and Eric are thinking about renewing their vows and introduces her to Susan, who will give a cut rate. But when Susan tells Karl she’s nervous, Karl decides to help her by secretly meeting with Mandy and offering to supersize the ceremony. Mandy is so overwhelmed that she fires Susan.

When Susan wonders what changed Mandy’s mind, she discovers Karl decided to ‘help’ with her new venture.