Paul gives Leanne an ultimatum

Leanne is delighted to discover that the insurance company is issuing a cheque for nearly the full amount they requested. A remorseful Leanne hands Paul a cheque for his half of the money but he bitterly tells her if she really wants to make amends she should give him her share as well. Leanne is stunned as he insists that unless she coughs up the full amount, he’s going to the police…

Kirk returns from Cyprus and tells a suspicious Fiz that he has something important to tell her. Fiz is worried he’s going to suggest they get back together and she tells him that she doesn’t want to reignite their relationship. A bemused Kirk explains that he wanted to tell her that he met a Manchester girl called Julie on holiday and he’s in love!

Audrey is distracted after learning of Ted’s phone call and she admits to Rita that she got pregnant with Gail to force Ted into marriage but soon realised she didn’t love him and they split up. Audrey doesn’t know if she can open up a can of worms by seeing him but she is curious as to what he wants.

Also, Jason and Becky plan to have another night out.