Still haunted by flashbacks of his former life, Paul scares Elle with his fear that he murdered a man. Concerned that his memories are still hazy, Elle asks him not to turn himself in, but Paul feels his fears are confirmed when he gets another piece of the puzzle from an oblivious Harold. Believing he hit Gus Cleary over the head and left him to die in the Lassiter’s fire, Paul makes a full confession to the police.

Despite Elle’s efforts to get her a better job, Rebecca insists she only wants to be a part-time waitress at Lassiter’s, and is determined to work her way up on her own merits. But her confidence takes a knock when she overhears her new colleagues joke that as Paul’s new girlfriend, she must be the only person in history to have slept her way to the bottom.

Frazer receives his compensation cheque from the racetrack and tells Steph that he plans to put the cash towards settling down and starting a family. Steph suggests he talk to Toadie about buying Number 30, but doesn’t realise that Toadie and Rosie have earmarked the money to invest in Rebecchi Cammeniti.

Also, Adam’s first day back on the beat doesn’t go well.