Paul has a confession to make

Paul confesses that he switched Steph’s medication to make her appear insane. And Steph admits she was acting unstable so he would admit the truth, which she has recorded on her phone. Steph says she won’t go to the police, if Paul gives her a job, some money and a reference declaring her sanity to the hospital.

Lou turns up, revealing he’s been in Cambodia and is now on the run! Lou explains to Amber that an innocent business venture turned out to be a drug smuggling enterprise. At first, Amber finds the story ridiculous, until she meets a new arrival from Cambodia who claims to be a friend of Lou.

Paige is filled with doubts and realises she needs to be honest with her fiancé. That’s until Mark declares his undying love for her in a heartfelt speech…

Doug gives Brad a piece of his mind, which is music to Terese’s ears. When Doug brings home one of Brad carvings, Terese has no recollection of Brad creating it and is forced to admit she played her part in the breakdown of her marriage.