Paul has big plans for his wedding

Elle decides to reinvent herself as a spontaneous good-time girl after hearing Lucas blaming stifling suburban life as the root of his gambling problem. However Paul pulls her up for her strange behaviour and Elle opens up about what Lucas said. Paul reminds Elle that she’s a strong, successful Robinson and he loves her just as she is. Elle is heartened by her dad’s love and comes up with a plan to get her life back on track.  But will it destroy Lucas?

When Rocky’s training supervisor arrives Toadie feels an immediate attraction to her, but his efforts to flirt fall apart when she’s unimpressed by Rocky’s bad habits. Toadie realises that Callum is treating the puppy as a pet rather than a working dog, just as Toadie treats Callum as a mate, rather than a son. It seems that Callum isn’t the only one who needs to learn about tough love.

Rebecca is trying to organise her wedding, but every suggestion she makes reminds Paul of his previous, disastrous marriages. He wants this one to be special. He trumps everything with an over-the-top plan for a mega-expensive wedding. Rebecca hates the idea, but thinks Paul’s heart is set on it. Will Paul realise his mistake?

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