Paul has the day from hell

Paul’s day goes from bad to worse when Janelle turns down his $1 million offer for her 40 per cent share in Lassiters, then the board meeting is rudely disrupted by Dylan turning up nude in order to win Elle back.

Paul’s furious when Elle goes back to Dylan and orders Elle to remain loyal to him but she defies him. Desperate to regain control of his life, dastardly Paul pays Skinner to set Janelle up for a fall.

Lolly is in awe of Rachel after discovering she has a criminal sister and an older boyfriend. Elsewhere, Lou and Harold are convinced Lolly’s all sweet and innocent, but Karl’s suspicious when he finds his wallet outside the Bishop house.

Janae attempts to make Max realise how much Steph has given up to make their marriage work and Max vows to make the most of the time with his family before his trial.

Janelle informs Steiger that their relationship needs to be out in the open or it’s over. So she’s thrilled when he declares his love for her in front of the entire police band at an Australia Day event.

Also, Steiger is impressed when Katya dishes the dirt on her former mates in the criminal world, but is it enough to get her off the hook?