Paul has the hots for Rosie

Paul seeks legal advice from Rosie to make Lyn the main benefactor in his will. But there’s obvious sexual chemistry between the pair, with Paul attracted to Rosie who, in turn, is charmed by Paul’s dedication to his family. Later, Frazer tries his hardest to woo Rosie, but without much success.

Elsewhere, Mishka and Lou’s nervy immigration interview goes well, and it looks like Mishka is in with a chance of getting her visa, until she recklessly offers a cash bribe to the immigration official. Unfortunately, this leads her to be carted off by the immigration officials, leaving Lou alone and helpless.

Janae’s new boss Rex asks her to wear a skimpy uniform to wash cars on her first day working at Stallion Motors. Later, she’s forced to hide the disappointment she feels with her new job from Boyd and praises Rex, unaware that her sleazy boss has laid bets with other mechanics that he’ll bed Janae before the end of the week.

Also, following Will’s declaration of love, Carmella prepares to go under the surgeon’s knife; Paul forgives Elle; and Janae grapples with feeling that she’s no longer attractive to Boyd.