Paul helps Declan to move on

Declan is desperate to hear Johnno confess so he can get the closure he needs and confronts him in his hotel room. Johnno denies any involvement and has his heavy kick Declan out of his room. Rebecca is beside herself with worry and when he returns home she urges him to remember that his responsibility is to India and to abandon his quest for personal justice.

Paul, however, understands Declan’s pain and finds a way to help him move on. Behind Rebecca’s back, Paul leaves a recorder for Declan to find so he can return to Johnno’s room and get the confession he needs. Will Paul’s plan to secure Delcan’s closure work?

Lucas comes to the sad realisation that he has lost everything because of his gambling addiction – his girlfriend, his job and his dignity. Hard up for cash, he is, once again, tempted into betting on a pool game, but his self-esteem plummets further when Zeke and Ringo catch him in the act. Libby and Dan continue to offer their support. But as his dire money situation worsens, what desperate acts will Lucas stoop to?

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