Paul interferes in Terese’s love life

Terese is impressed by Brad’s efforts to woo her back, but what is meant to be a romantic picnic soon devolves into them reopening old wounds and both are at a loss to know how to move forward. Later, Terese pours her heart out to Paul and reveals she stopped herself from having an affair with a work colleague years ago, accidentally letting slip his name was Ezra. A sneaky Paul tracks down Ezra’s number.

Lauren confides in Matt about Rain’s growing influence on Amber and Charlene confirms that she too thinks Rain is manipulative. Daniel, meanwhile, harbours his own doubts after having spoken to Wolfie who claims that Rain lied about still being in a relationship with him. Daniel raises these doubts with Amber, but Rain reassures them both, and reels them in even more.

Doug is depressed after his recent Alzheimer’s spell and Joshua and Paige do their best to cheer him up. They start working on wooden toys together, and their grandfather starts to feel less of a burden.