Paul is arrested

Paul is arrested on suspicion of Jill’s hit-and-run accident. Much to everyone’s surprise, Rebecca assures Paul that she will stand by him but she soon finds herself hounded by a braying media pack for her trouble. On Paul’s release, Declan forces a vow of innocence from him, and from then on expresses his support.

Rebecca does the same, but not before expressing her frustration that he always finds a way to let her down. However, Paul is plagued by a series of disturbing flashbacks which seem to suggest he is guilty of hurting Jill. Is Declan and Rebecca’s support misplaced?

Elle is feeling very guilty about betraying her father and she doesn’t know where to turn. To her surprise, Susan is understanding and encourages Elle to search for the truth in Paul’s case – if only to give herself closure. Elle digs for information and when she uncovers a new lead she is reluctant to go ahead, not knowing if it will prove her father’s innocence or further confirm his guilt?

Sunny discovers Donna and Ringo still have feelings for each other but are both reluctant to act. She takes matters into her own hands and plants a gift for Donna, hoping she’ll believe it’s from Ringo. But things don’t work out as Sunny planned.

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