Paul is confused by Ben’s mixed messages

Jay’s birthday celebrations at the Vic are tainted when he gets a call from Lola saying she’s dumping him for Dexter. After a heart-to-heart with Ben about relationships, Jay reminds Ben that what he’s doing to Abi isn’t fair. Feeling awkward when he bumps into Paul, Ben then follows him into the toilets and they open up about losing a parent. Sincere in his offer to help, Ben agrees to meet Paul for a drink.

Meanwhile, Kathy visits Ian after he returns from hospital. Realising Kathy chose money over her kids, Ian is angry but soon forgives her. Having set things to rights with Ian, Kathy asks him to contact Ben. When Ben arrives and comes face-to-face with his mum, Ben runs out in shock. Paul goes to meet Ben, but is confused when he sees Abi comforting him.

Kathy tells Ian she’s going to go to the police to admit everything. But when she arrives at the police station she tells them she had her bag stolen. Outside, a supportive Ian believes she’s told the truth, leaving Kathy alone when she says she wants to walk back to the Square. Instead, Kathy meets up with Gavin, who reminds her that this is all part of the plan to keep Phil alive…