Elle tries to uncover the mystery of her gran’s secret child, and Lucas is worried by her determination to hide it from Paul. When Paul finds out about Gran’s will he is furious at Elle. How far is Paul prepared to go to protect what’s his?

Zeke and Sunny are crazy about each other, but neither of them will admit it. Their awkward attraction becomes common knowledge, causing tension in the Kennedy House. Karl and Susan want Zeke to respect Sunny’s boundaries, but Sunny’s insecurity sees her putting up walls of her own. She shuts Zeke out, leaving him confused. Zeke and Sunny’s friends offer them very different advice, before they come together and find some common ground.

The possibility of a reunion between Steve and Miranda is in the air when they make a date for breakfast but a wary Bridget doesn’t want to get her hopes up. Steve is investing in the potential reconciliation but everything changes when Miranda comes face to face with Dean – an old flame from before she married Steve, and she finds herself once again torn between safety and passion.

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