Paul is given just days to live

Rushed to hospital following his collapse, Paul gets a dire prognosis – a one in ten chance of surviving an operation to remove his neuroma. Genuinely shaken by Paul’s plight, Fox offers to nurse Paul at home in order for him to live out his final days with dignity.

Not wanting to burden Fox, Paul asks him to get Elle to care for him. But Fox is hurt by Paul’s rejection and angrily tells Paul that he is all he’s got left. When Elle turns up, Paul angrily berates Fox on his lies, but Elle is concerned by Paul’s frenzied behaviour, as Fox does not appear to exist.

Following Oliver’s declaration of his feelings for her, guilty Elle decides to avoid him. But later, when Oliver acts as if nothing has happened between them, Elle orders him to tell Carmella about their kiss. But just as Oliver is about to confess all, Elle has a change of heart, and convinces Oliver that he’s better off with Carmella, not her. However, Carmella is suspicious when Elle tells Oliver that she wants to run Lassiter’s alone from now on, and Oliver finds himself with some explaining to do.

Also, Ringo continues his ‘Mr Sensitive’ routine in order to impress Rachel.