Paul is impressed with Andrew

Paul needs to generate some publicity for Pirate Net and enlists Andrew’s help. Andrew has an idea to hire a blonde model dressed in skimpy pirate gear to be the ‘face’ of Pirate net. Paul thinks it’s a great idea. At the shoot, they are shocked to discover the model is new Principal Williams’ daughter, Natasha!

Donna approaches Naomi and Ringo and is abotu to say sorry when she spies Naomi’s purse on the ground. Changing tactics, Donna waits for the duo to leave so she can rifle through Naomi’s purse, but she’s surprised to find an Eden Hills student ID card inside.

Donna gives Ringo back Naomi’s wallet and apologises for being an idiot and not trusting Naomi. Ringo sees that Donna is truly remorseful. They hug and Naomi sees and her eyes fill with rage.

The teens, plus Chris, are talking about the Pirate Net campaign. Summer still can’t believe Principal Williams would be OK with his daughter prancing about nearly naked on a psoter. Kate calls for quiet so she can introduce a new student – Natasha Williams is joining year 11! Andrew freaks – he thought she was 19! But Natasha just smiles and says she lied. Andrew bolts out of the classroom and Kate is confused.

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