Paul is suspicious about the fire

At the hospital, Summer visits Tash and she asks Summer how bad her burns look because she doesn’t want to freak Andrew out. Unaware of the drama that’s unfolded, Tash wonders why Andrew hasn’t returned her calls and Summer has to explain that Andrew was in the house, and he helped rescue them.

Desperate to get to the bottom of what caused the fire, Paul quizzes Summer, asking her how she thinks it started. Seeing Summer upset, Lyn tells her to have a lie down. Paul tells Lyn that he won’t stop until he finds out what happened and instructs Susan to cover the fire for the newspaper, focusing on how it started. A worried Lyn looks on.

With news that Andrew’s out of theatre and stable, Paul is relieved. Tash and Summer go to see him, but when Tash notices he’s trying to say something, she’s shocked when she realises he’s asking for Summer.

Suspicious, Tash asks Summer who found her but luckily Dr Doug interrupts their conversation. Feeling guilty, Summer ends her relationship with Andrew, only to change her mind later when she realises how strong her feelings are.

Donna struggles with being in the hospital where Ringo died, but Zeke helps her cope. She finally tells Karl and Susan she’s going to accept her place at fashion school in New York.

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