After hesitating, Paul finally says ‘I do’ at the altar, and following the reception, celebrates by carrying Lyn across the threshold of their honeymoon suite. But while excited Lyn prepares herself for a matrimonial night of passion, Paul has a major change of heart.

He tells Lyn she deserves better than him, admits he kissed Rosie in the cellar and that he would do it again – it’s inevitable that he will cheat on her in the future. Lyn is devastated and Susan and Steph are left to pick up the pieces.

Elle is disappointed when Paul tells her he’s left Lyn. And despite Paul’s pleas, Elle refuses to watch him self-destruct, and heads to Tasmania to spend Christmas with her mum.

Elsewhere, Will feels guilty about lying to Carmella over the identity of his dad and takes his anger out on her. But hearing Paul’s wedding speech helps Carmella realise her true feelings for Will and she decides to choose him over returning to the church.

Also, Toadie comes to the rescue when Ned’s Santa and elves fail to turn up to work in the Lassiter’s grotto. But his plan to embarrass Ned by making him wear the tiny elf costume backfires when Ned is mobbed by yummy mummies.