Paul knows about Michael

An angry Paul tells Andrew to remove all traces of Rebecca from the house. Going through receipts and bills, Paul realises something has been going on between Michael and Rebecca for some time. He arrives at Charlie’s and dumps the last of Rebecca’s things, telling Michael that he and Rebecca have been sleeping together for weeks. Rebecca tries to explain that she had to convince Paul that she was serious about making a fresh start but Michael won’t accept it. However, once he has calmed down, he assures her he understands.

With the rumours still flying round, Andrew quizzes Summer about her relationship with Zeke and she asks him why he is so interested. Andrew plays it down but when he sees Summer and Zeke messing around in Harold’s he loses it.

Andrew agrees to see Rebecca and she assures him she still loves him despite what’s happened. However, when Paul tells Andrew that Rebecca has been seeing someone else, he is shocked. Paul tells Andrew they can’t trust anyone and with that Andrew tells a worried Tash that from now on, it’s just them and the baby and that he’ll be with her at every test and scan. Things take a turn for the worse when Paul announces to Andrew who Rebecca has been having an affair with.

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