Quick-thinking Declan manages to find a way to ensure the gig at Charlie’s goes ahead legally. Rebecca’s relieved, but Paul wishes he could feel the same. With Diana still sniffing around his business affairs and now beginning to befriend his wife, Paul can see the sharks circling. When he learns that Diana intends to meet with Toadie, Paul seeks reassurance that Toadie won’t stitch him up, but Toadie refuses to play by Paul’s rules. Desperate, Paul threatens Toadie but, with nothing to hold over him, Paul’s powerless.

Torn over whether she should have tried harder to get through to Dan, Steph does her best to bury her concerns while Libby helps her plan all the last-minute things for her baby. But when Libby expresses her regret that Ben never got to know his father, Steph decides she has to tell Dan the truth.

When Steph makes the call, Paul is listening in, having tapped Toadie’s phone. Thinking he isn’t going to get any dirt on Toadie Paul is about to give up. However, hearing Steph’s voice, Paul listens in and to his utter delight, he hears Steph announce to Dan that the baby is his. What will he do with this gem of information?

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