Paul loses it with Elle’s surgeon

Susan is relieved when Karl, Zeke and Libby finally emerge from the rubble, while, at the hospital, Paul feels powerless when his concerns about Elle’s treatment are dismissed. As Elle’s surgery keeps being shoved down the waiting list, Paul grows increasingly frustrated. After a confrontation with the surgeon gets him nowhere, Paul finds an unlikely ally in Declan, who tells Paul to be cool and not to lose his temper.

Paul tells the patronising surgeon that his aunt Rosemary is one of the benefactors of the hospital and would be upset to see Elle treated so badly. Paul is pleased when the surgeon says he’ll operate on Elle immediately.

Meanwhile, the tragedy brings Libby and Darren closer together and Ruby realises how much she likes Zeke. Rachel and Bridget make amends but Ringo struggles to come to terms with losing Jessica.

After learning that Kirsten saw her kiss Darren, Janae is forced to beg her not to tell Ned. Kirsten gives Janae an ultimatum in return for agreeing to remain silent. An uneasy pact is made until Janae discovers the price she has to pay for Kirsten’s silence. Janae realises the only way to escape Kirsten’s blackmail is to risk telling Ned the truth.

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