Paul makes a friend

Broke and desperate Paul bonds with Fox, a streetwise teenager who encourages him to bring Elle down and regain control of his empire before he dies from his life threatening illness.

Karl resolves to work things out with Susan after deciding that Tom poses no threat to his marriage. However, his sudden mood change only serves to worry Zeke and Rachel. And after they spot Karl and Tom together, they vow to get revenge on Tom by declaring war on him at school. Zeke ends up getting a detention from a shaken Tom after throwing an egg at him. After learning of Zeke’s behaviour, Karl reassures him that his relationship with Susan is still strong and he’s not going to let her get away.

Jealous of Rosie and Frazer’s relationship, scheming Charlotte manipulates her way into Frazer’s house in an attempt to seduce him. But loyal Frazer rejects Charlotte’s advances, prompting her to attack Frazer’s disability. On her way out she sees Rosie approaching and undoes the top two buttons of her shirt, looking dishevelled. Rosie fears the worst – has Frazer been unfaithful?

Also, confused about his growing attraction for Lolly, Zeke becomes more physical in his affection with Bree, but his advances only leave her puzzled.