Paul meets a familiar face in prison

A fellow inmate, Squeak, warns Paul he’s a target… then tries to wheedle protection money out of him. Paul tells Steph he has to renege on his offer of handing over his share of the motel. Steph baulks at this – she’s 100K down thanks to Paul skipping bail and refuses to spare him any money. Later, a throng of inmates descend on Paul but a familiar face comes to his aid… Gary Canning!

After overhearing Ned and Lauren discuss their kiss, Piper insists they tell Brad. Ned assumes the blame entirely and a devastated Brad abruptly leaves. When Tyler finds Piper venting her hurt, he comforts her and their anger looks like erupting into a kiss of their own. Lauren insists she was trying to protect Brad’s bond with Ned and then tells Ned he has to move out.

Paige insists that John can’t know it’s the Lassiters boiler he remembers – if he did work for Braun and Bell, he would have inspected lots them. She sets up a meeting with his alibi Wendy Leung, who insists she saw John on the morning of the explosion. But as Wendy heads off, we see her face painted with guilt.