Paul meets his long lost mum

Paul has an encounter with his birth mum, but will he realise who she is?

Paul plans for his future with Ben in the Coker family business. While he’s on the stall, he’s completely oblivious as an unknown woman chats to him, not realising it’s his mum Jenny! When Pam has a row with Jenny, Paul intervenes, thinking Jenny must be Pam’s blackmailer. Pam is terrified that Jenny will tell Paul the truth about why she hasn’t been in Paul’s life.

Billy and Honey are stunned when they’re called into Janet’s school and told that they can’t provide the support for her any longer. Realising it means moving Janet to a specialist school, they wonder how they’re going to cope. Honey turns to Jack for support after learning Billy has quit his job.

Lauren is worried after the Beale household is assessed for Jane’s imminent move back home, fearful she’ll be trapped into being Jane’s carer. A chat with Whitney, however, soon gives Lauren an idea and she announces to Steven she’s going to be a website designer.

Also, Linda gets Stacey to help her give Shirley a makeover to pep up her relationship with Buster. Preoccupied with Kathy, Buster fails to notice.