Paul has a new problem

Safety inspectors arrive to inspect the Robinson Heights project and Paul could be at risk of losing his business

Paul and Amy are left on edge by a surprise workplace safety inspection. The pair are desperate to pass, so they don’t have to pay a hefty fine, but things get off to a terrible start when the inspector sees that Jayden hasn’t been wearing a hard hat. Afterwards, the inspector finds a host of different problems and tells Paul and Amy he will repeat his investigation at a later date. Will they pass? And will they find out the person who tipped off the inspectors?

Meanwhile, Dipi helps Sheila get ready for her hot date with Clive. When Clive arrives, things get off to a good start, but when Clive knocks over a jar, containing Frank’s ashes, the date starts to go downhill and fast. Will Clive be able to redeem himself or is it the end of the road for him and Sheila?

Also, Amy is left flustered when she has a raunchy dream about Jayden. Things become even stranger when her dream becomes a reality and Jayden, with a bucket of water in hand, seductively offers to wash her car. Will Amy take him up on his offer?