Rachel tries to put on a brave face at school but is disturbed when bullies harass her about her relationship with Angus. Susan is furious to again be featured on the front page of the newspaper and angrily confronts Paul who offers her a right to reply, and promises he’ll print whatever she says, word for word. Susan agrees to his request and writes an article for the newspaper responding to the unwanted public attention. Rachel warns Paul off Susan, telling him to pick on her rather than her family. Paul tells her it’s nothing personal.

Rachel is thrown when she finds a large wrapped object in front of number 28, and she and her family all assume it’s from Angus. She unwraps a keyboard and is ready to return it, before Ty admits the gift was from him.

Lucas is hurt when Libby breaks things off with him, but Lucas refuses to give up on her. Lucas reveals to Dan the true cost of the motorbike accident that Dan was responsible for, and the boys fight, with Dan ending up hurting his shoulder.

Also, after Libby stands in for the absent Dan at a meeting, she decides to apply for the senior head of school job, much to Dan’s dismay.