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Conchita the dog gives our heroes extra TLC, and courageous Romeo leaves hospital for the first time in this week’s Paul O’Grady’s Little Heroes on ITV

The bravery of Great Ormond Street’s young patients and their parents is always deeply moving, but in this week’s Paul O’Grady’s Little Heroes on ITV, it’s particularly the case.

Paul meets 13-year-old Noah, who undergoes a tense operation to remove part of his skull, and seven-year-old Oliver, who has been at GOSH for weeks to receive treatment for his arthritis.

But can a walk with Paul and his cute dog Conchita (above with Oliver) help his recovery?

Paul also meets gorgeous eight-month-old Romeo and his incredible mum Donna, who have spent Romeo’s entire life at GOSH as he was admitted on the day he was born with a degenerative heart condition.

But now Donna is getting the chance to take her little boy home for the very first time.

Romeo in Paul O’Grady’s Little Heroes

Eight-month-old Romeo is finally going home in Paul O’Grady’s Little Heroes on ITV

‘Our heart chambers are left to right, but his are right to left, so his blue blood and his red blood don’t run the way they should and they mix,’ explains Donna.

‘We got to GOSH when Romeo was just two hours old and we have been here ever since with him.

‘He had his first operation when he was four days old and then he had to undergo a major operation at 12 weeks.’

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But despite fears for Romeo’s survival, even while Donna was pregnant with him, after eight months of treatment at GOSH, his condition has stabilised.

‘Romeo has defied the odds,’ says Donna.

when we thought we might lose 
him, Romeo has managed to survive.

‘He’s my miracle.’

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Cameras follow them as they wave a tearful but joyous goodbye to GOSH’s staff and finally get 
to leave hospital.

‘We are so grateful and I am chuffed,’ says Donna.

‘All the medication is quite hard-going, but every day is amazing.

‘I just love doing the mummy things, like taking him for a walk.

‘To be out and free with him is such an amazing feeling.

‘He has come a long way and he loves life.’ 

TV Times rating: ****