Paul plans to get rid of Brennan for good

Feeling guilty for lying to Sonya about the client meeting, Toadie makes breakfast for his family. Meanwhile, Paul discovers Kate has left everything to Sophie and breaks down. Naomi reaches out to Paul, and suggests he should be holding on to the memories of Kate instead of her things. Toadie’s amazed when she reveals Paul has given them the okay to pack Kate’s things for shipping.

During lunch, Paul admits to Naomi that seeing Brennan’s face every day makes everything so much harder. Naomi thinks he’ll have to get used to it; he has a life here so he’s not going anywhere. Unaware she’s given Paul an idea, Naomi returns to work and takes delivery of a mysterious painting.

Brennan is still struggling in the aftermath of Kate’s death, and Sonya’s news that Matt won’t be charging him for assaulting Paul has little impact on his mood. After talking to Naomi, Paul gets an idea of how to get rid of Brennan… he’s going to buy the garage and as soon as the sale goes through, Brennan’s job will cease to exist. Brennan’s left shocked by how far Paul’s willing to go, in his attempt to get rid of him.

Zeke teases Susan about not having much going on in her life. Susan dismisses him, but Zeke’s got her thinking. Meanwhile, Karl worries Zeke is keeping secrets from them. When he accidentally stumbles on what looks like a love letter to a man, Karl jumps to conclusions that ‘Vic’ must be Zeke’s boyfriend.

Frustrated, Susan suggests Karl needs to let this go, but with Zeke now being more secretive than ever, they’re not sure how to move forward.