Paul plans to wear Priya down

Paul puts Lassiters forward to participate in the school’s VET training as a means to spend more time with Priya, but when he arranges a hotel tour she manages to foil him by inviting Lucas, Sonya and Kate along, too. Her plan goes awry, however, when the others leave and she’s left alone with Paul in a hotel room and he once more makes his advances. Priya manages to escape the situation but a dinner with Ajay later reminds her that she craves the excitement that Paul provides.

Susan attends her pole-dancing class but is embarrassed when Bradley sees her in action. He quickly puts her at ease, claiming an interest in writing a story on what he believes is a pole-dancing craze, and praises her adventurous spirit.

Struggling after her embarrassing run-in with Bradley, Summer starts to wonder if there’s something going on between Susan and her deputy. Sasha, however, starts to think that there may be more to Summer’s interest in Bradley that her housemate is willing to admit. Is Summer in denial?