Paul plays dirty

Paul continues to play games with Rebecca and uses Declan to get to her, by calling his job at Lassiter’s into review. Rebecca also notices that her friends are being awkward around her. With Declan due in his review meeting, he gets a call saying India has had an accident at nursery.

When they get there, India is fine and they think Paul is behind it. When they get to Lassiter’s, the meeting is over and although Declan hasn’t been fired, Paul has made himself manager again, and Declan a receptionist. Declan finally loses it, grabs Paul by the collar and tells him to stick his job.

Michael tries to talk to Tash and explain the situation with Rebecca but she doesn’t want to listen and it’s clear her anger is aimed at Summer and Andrew cheating on her. When Andrew tells Tash he has an interview for a festival company Tash doesn’t look happy but tells Andrew she’ll help him prepare for his interview.

However, when Tash starts throwing questions at him about who’ll be looking after the baby while he’s working, it’s clear they have different ideas. Tash tells him he has to put his career plans on hold until the baby is older.

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