After fighting with Angus about the stolen money, Ben tells Karl and Susan he’s a pain in the neck and wants nothing more to do with him, jeopardising Sarah’s plans. Later, Susan gives Sarah some food for thought when she tells her to fight for every moment of her life. So when Karl reveals that a placement has become available in the cancer research centre Georgia works at, Sarah’s torn. If she leaves before Angus is settled, Karl and Susan will have to cope with a pretty demanding kid.

Paul clings to the hope that Tom will be found guilty of the explosion and it’s clear that Terese is feeling the same way. Mark questions Tom, but soon discovers he has an alibi for his whereabouts at the time of the blast.

Paul is devastated at being returned to home detention, still pleading his innocence to Terese who begs him to be honest and admit his guilt. When he can’t, she turns her back on him – Paul is guilty and must pay the price.