Paul proposes to Rebecca

Rebecca welcomes Paul back from Paris with a special dinner catered by Kirsten, who struggles to hide her guilt over her affair with him. Later, Elle lays into Paul about his lies. But Paul is so touched when Rebecca reveals the depth of her love for him that he ends up asking her to marry him, proving to Elle and Kirsten that he’s determined to make a fresh start. Rebecca accepts but things immediately start going wrong for Paul when he receives blackmail photos of him with Kirsten…

Hurt and rejected by Ringo, Bridget confides her feelings to Nicola. Feeling responsible for Ringo’s behaviour, Nicola takes action when she encounters Ringo talking about Bridget with Declan, and lays into him for his poor treatment of her niece. Ringo defends himself but Justin overhears and the gossip ends up spreading, which damages Bridget’s reputation and gets her into trouble with Steve and Miranda. Nicola confesses to influencing Bridget, which puts her at odds with Steve, who blames Nicola for Bridget’s problems. But Miranda automatically defends her sister.

Also, Ringo and Karl bond, leaving Zeke envious of Ringo’s relationship with Karl.