Paul punches Lloyd!

Believing Lloyd made the complaint to his boss Paul storms into the pub and confronts a clueless Lloyd. As Karl bundles the men outside, Paul punches Lloyd just as the police arrive. As they grab Paul, Jenna reveals it was Sophie who made the call. Paul’s stunned as the police step in to investigate what’s been going on between the two men. Paul is charged and the latest turn of events start to effect his already strained relationship with Eileen as he faces her wrath.
Gary’s withdrawn as he worries baby Jake hasn’t bonded with him, jealous that Izzy seems to be a natural. Izzy begins to pick up on his fears.
Nick’s called the police claiming he’s the victim of a vendetta, much to Leanne’s dismay. Sensing her reluctance to believe Nick’s story David’s quick to whip up more tension between the pair and suggests a family meal.
Also, Roy feels the pressure as he tries to support Hayley; saddened by the rift with her brother Carla offers Rob an olive branch, wishing him luck with his new shop, but Rob is dismissive; Leanne declines to be a bridesmaid for Stella, still refusing to accept Karl.