Donna has her job back, and as payback for the stolen design, Saffron makes her working life hell. Everything else takes a backseat and Paul starts getting annoyed that Donna isn’t home to do her chores. She’s also skipping school, and when Rebecca and Paul find out, Rebecca forces Paul to be the father-figure he’s meant to be and confront Donna about her other responsibilities.

However, he comes down a bit too hard on her, telling her while she’s under his roof she abide by his rules, and Donna walks out! Tired, emotional and insulted by Paul’s approach, Donna packs a bag and leaves home.

Kate can’t take the rejection she got from Jason Coleman and decides to put dancing behind her forever, and blames Sophie and Harry for holding her back. Hurt, they seek the comfort at Paul and Rebecca’s place and Declan decides he should talk to Kate about healing the rift between her and her family.

However, she tells Declan to mind his own business! When Donna comes home later, Declan tells her about Kate not getting the dancing gig and how badly she’s taking it and asks her to find the time to talk to her. Will Donna be able to make some time for her friend?

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