Paul warns Declan not to take his suspicions of his past dealings any further. As Declan decides to back off, Paul reiterates Rebecca’s involvement and claims how she too will be brought down should his digging persist. But as Diana arrives on the scene, the situation is taken out of their hands. Paul and Declan are stunned. Paul assures Declan that he has destroyed all of the evidence of his past dodgy dealings on file. However, when Diana visits their family home, Declan tells Paul she knows about the money put into his account. Furious, Paul tells Declan that they must cover their tracks.

Kate is shocked to see Lyn and Terry out on a date. As Terry presents her with some flowers, Lyn tries to play the whole thing down. When Lucas sticks his nose in, Lyn becomes even more embarrassed. Later, the new couple escape the street’s attention by going on a romantic indoor rock-climb. But it soon turns competitive as Terry zooms on ahead.

Paul charges through Toadie’s front door and the pair have a dramatic confrontation. Paul feels betrayed that he went behind his back, but Toadie stands his ground and holds firmly onto Paul’s dubious file. After a short and fierce argument Toadie quits his job working for Paul and orders him out of his house.

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