Paul reaches out to the Ramsays

Despite her efforts to avoid Paul, Kate is surprised when he offers her the locket once owned by her grandmother. Fuelled by the reminder of all they’ve lost, Harry lashes out, declaring that Paul will never be family to them. Alone, Kate holds the locket and connects to their family legacy. However, when Harry discovers she accepted Paul’s gesture, he can’t deal with his hurt and accuses her of betraying him and their mother. He decides to leave.

Rebecca reassures a reluctant Paul that he is worthy of her love, but Paul won’t have it: until he believes he is worthy of her, they won’t be getting married. Leaving Rebecca to cover for his rejection, Paul reaches out to the Ramsays, trying to show them that despite their loss, they still have family. Harry rejects his offer but Kate, lured by the promise of a long-lost family connection, feels otherwise. Having witnessed Paul’s generosity to Kate and Harry, Rebecca convinces Paul it’s the ultimate proof that he’s worthy of her faith. Touched by her support, Paul accepts her proposal.

Unable to make time with Elle, Lucas seeks out another gambling thrill, bringing him closer to Steph and furthering his addiction in the process.

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