Paul realises Priya’s interested

Priya’s upset to see a negative article about her in the local paper and disappointed when Ajay doesn’t give her the support she needs. When she meets Susan at Harold’s she makes her feelings known but is put out when Paul starts complaining on her behalf. She tells him she can stand up for herself and then expresses her annoyance at receiving the champagne from him. Paul, however, reads this as flirting.

Later, Priya prepares a special dinner with Ajay to get Paul out of her head but is left disappointed when Ajay is forced to work late. Then Paul turns up unexpectedly and, seeing he’s struggling to balance home and work, offers to bag up some of the dinner for him. However, she inadvertently comes into close contact with him, almost allowing him to kiss her, though she quickly orders him out. Paul, meanwhile, decides the chase is on…

With Jade in LA, Kyle wonders how he’s going to handle Harley and his doubts are realised when Kate calls from school asking for his assistance. Harley has refused to pick up his own litter and Kate has ordered a litter-collecting detention that Harley is refusing to attend. Kyle is quickly on the scene and their combined efforts force Harley to think again.