Paul receives bad news

Matt informs Paul that the preliminary report into the explosion at Lassiters will say that it was down to ‘user error’ – Paul is ultimately responsible. He’s shattered and Kate comes home to find him guilt-ridden and grieving.

Meanwhile, Karl realises that the supply of gas bottles he’s had delivered are all faulty and he and Chris soon realise this may be the reason for the Lassiters explosion. They report the bottles to the police and Paul is soon notified of the issue. He quickly tells Ajay that the blame for the explosion will fall on the gas bottle supplier, leaving Ajay stunned.

Toadie asks Karl and Susan to offer marriage guidance to Matt and Lauren and they agree to invite the Turners to lunch. However, Karl and Susan bicker through the whole affair, leaving Matt and Lauren squirming in their seats. Later, after escaping, Matt and Lauren at last see eye-to-eye and make up. But there’s more trouble on the horizon as Matt receives a threatening letter…

Chris counsels Kyle to have patience in his approach to Georgia but no matter how hard he tries, she seems to avoid him. Kyle’s sure she’s blaming him for her problems but is there another reason for Georgia’s behaviour?